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Cory tantalizes all of your senses with his clever songwriting, his lyrics are brave and he leaves you wanting more” One of the most entertaining singer songwriters we have encountered in a long time
— Music Update Central

“I am not going to be known as the singer who sounds like anyone else because I am Cory Singer. I write my own songs, I sing them my way authentically and I dare you to step our of your comfort zone and embrace the change. “

NJ Native Cory Singer is an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician and theater performer. Cory has performed in arenas before thousands nationwide. He starred on BRAVO TV’s singing Competition The Kandi Factory, winning the grand prize, taking home a song penned by Grammy Award Winning Artist Kandi Burress, “I Can Do Anything”. Leaving the Music Theater World in 2013 he has spent 4 years in development honing his exceptional songwriting skills, performing and working on his EP.   He has penned his upcoming EP due to release Fall 2017 with a recent single release June 14th 2017 “Goodbye Felicia” available on all digital outlets. Cory is an exceptional songwriter and he captivates his audiences no matter the venue or event.  He finished out 2017 on a high note being added to several media magazine watch lists for 2018. Cory performs both acoustically and with his full band. 


I don’t normally write about just singer/songwriters. I normally feature bands. But when a really good singer/songwriter comes across my plate, they should be recognized. Such is the case with Cory Singer, who fits his namesake, but is also a really great songwriter. I was only able to catch two songs on Spotify. One was an older song called “Rico” and the other was a recently released track called “Goodbye Felicia,” which has been my wife’s favorite saying lately. Anyway, the “Goodbye Felicia” song has been stuck in my head for the last two days. When a song sticks in your head that long, it’s usually a good song!

Tim Louie, The Aquarian Weekly September 25. 2017
His abilities vocal and musically span rock, pop and opera. His songwriting skills are exceptional
— Centerstage Magazine

Zach Arabian (percussion)                   Cory Singer (Lead Vocal-Guitar)        Christian Collins (Bass)

I have produced many artists over my 40 year career and I have never worked with a young man who is as professional, prepared and talented as Cory Singer. His vocals blow me away he is always pitch perfect on the first take. It is an honor to have my name on his tracks because this kid is going far.
— John Mulrenan, Acorn Productions

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